Posted on January 14, 2024

Self Love Lesson JOI

Ever since your dad got remarried to Shay Sights, a mature VR porn model, things have been difficult. She moved in and immediately asserted herself as the authority figure around the house. Whenever she's around she is on you to keep up with your college studies or to complete the list of chores she has for you. It isn't all bad. Shay loves your dad and makes him happy. She is also super easy on the eyes and is fond of wearing next to nothing on casual days around the house. The hardest part about that is not getting caught checking her out. In this VR porn video, when you are finishing your chores by putting laundry away, you sneak into her drawers to steal a pair of her panties. You almost get away with it, but she walks in and catches you. Angry that you would violate her personal space, she starts to lecture you on boundaries when she notices your hard cock nearly bursting through your trousers. She can see the effect she is having on you and decides to help you out. It must be difficult for you to see her around the house. It must make your dick hard quite often. Do you know what to do when that happens? If you are going to jerk off to her, she wants to teach you how to do it correctly. Go on, take out your cock. Yes, you can use her panties. That is why you were trying to steal them after all. Wrap them around your dick, yes. Just like that. Now stroke. Stroke your dick for your stepmom. Jerk off to her titties? Pump your prick to her pussy. She stares right at you, coaxing you to stroke harder while she fingers herself. Be a good boy and cum with mommy. Go on, shoot it hard. This JOI lesson given by your stepmom will stay with you for a long time now. (Video duration: 15 min)

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