Posted on January 24, 2024

Summertime Blossom

Blake recently graduated from high school and is preparing to start her new college journey. She has dedicated her entire youth to staying focused in school, avoiding parties, and always being on top of her grades. But her whole life is about to turn upside down with a series of events that will make her come of age. Blake will finally confess her feelings to her longtime crush, Max, confront her eternal school enemy, Emma Indica (a.k.a. Em Indica), and strengthen her bond with her best friends. The beautiful girl will finally blossom in the sexiest way possible, with a horny turn of events she'll never forget. TeamSkeet video starring Aften Opal, Hazel Moore, Blake Blossom, Shay Sights, Ginger Grey, Emma Indica (a.k.a. Em Indica) and Kitty Valance.

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Posted on January 23, 2024

Summertime Blossom Part 2: How to Please my Crush

Summertime Blossom (Part 2 of 3): Following a steamy afterparty, Blake decides to confront her crush Matt at his home. Sadly, he isn't there, but his parents are! Shay, Matt's mom, explains to Blake that his son has a perfect girlfriend, Em, Blake's rival. She tells her that she needs to learn how to please Matt before confronting him, so Shay teaches Blake a thing or two about hot sex. Mike, Matt's dad, suddenly comes in naked and finds the two women kissing. After some explanation, Mike joins the girls in a hot threesome to boost Blake's self-confidence. Everything seems to be going well until Em walks into the scene and takes blackmail pictures of Blake. What will happen to her? Stay tuned for the raunchy conclusion! TeamSkeet video starring Blake Blossom, Shay Sights and Emma Indica (a.k.a. Em Indica).

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Posted on January 18, 2024

Hottest Therapists Compilation

What's up, TeamSkeet fans? It's the first Selects update of the year, and we couldn't be more excited to dive right into the fun. If you've been with us a while, you know we like to play around with the therapist role. What could be more exciting than your therapist coming on to you or using taboo practices to unpack all sorts of deep-rooted fantasies? With that in mind, this Selects scene features some of our favorite therapist moments. You'll see performances by JC Wilds, Kiki Daire, Lily Lane, Nina Nieves, and more! TeamSkeet video starring Rachael Cavalli, Richelle Ryan, Lily Lane, Kiki Daire, Ryan Keely, Shay Sights, Sahara Skye, JC Wilds, Mazy Myers, Crystal Chase, Julia Robbie, Alexis Malone, Angelina Moon and Nina Nieves.

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Posted on January 16, 2024

Good Dose Of Vitamin Dick

Shay Sights has long been waiting for the warm summer days to relax and sunbathe. To her surprise, her stepson decided to keep her company one of those days. Basking in the sun's warm rays, Shay explains to her shy stepson that she likes tanning topless and asks him to help her put sunscreen on her perfect breasts and spread it around them. Although she feels her stepson's hands are tense, his touch is gentle and pleasant, arousing her. Staring at his stepmother's bare tits, stepson almost faints. She asks if it is the first time he's seen boobs. The guy nods, and Shay feels pity for her stepson, but at the same time, she sees another opportunity to make her day even better. The stepmother tells the stepson to remove his shorts so that the tan evenly covers his body. As soon as he gets naked, Shay notices her stepson's big cock. The stepmother is shocked by the size of this dick, but the stepson admits that he is still a virgin. The stepmother decides to fix it. They go to the bedroom, where stepmom grabs her stepson's hard-on without hesitation and brings it to her lips to start licking, sucking, and stroking it as hard as she can. She then shows him how she likes having her pussy licked and fingered and invites the stepson to slide his tongue inside it. Feeling her snatch flooded with pussy juices and saliva, Shay climbs on top of her stepson and starts riding his fuck stick with her insatiable hole as her big boobs sway in front of him. Then she gets on her knees so the stepson can take her from behind, pounding away at her greedy twat. When she rolls onto her back, stepson drives her to a big climax and then takes his own pleasure by covering his stepmom's pretty face up with a load of hot jizz. (Video duration: 31:48)

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Posted on January 14, 2024

Self Love Lesson JOI

Ever since your dad got remarried to Shay Sights, a mature VR porn model, things have been difficult. She moved in and immediately asserted herself as the authority figure around the house. Whenever she's around she is on you to keep up with your college studies or to complete the list of chores she has for you. It isn't all bad. Shay loves your dad and makes him happy. She is also super easy on the eyes and is fond of wearing next to nothing on casual days around the house. The hardest part about that is not getting caught checking her out. In this VR porn video, when you are finishing your chores by putting laundry away, you sneak into her drawers to steal a pair of her panties. You almost get away with it, but she walks in and catches you. Angry that you would violate her personal space, she starts to lecture you on boundaries when she notices your hard cock nearly bursting through your trousers. She can see the effect she is having on you and decides to help you out. It must be difficult for you to see her around the house. It must make your dick hard quite often. Do you know what to do when that happens? If you are going to jerk off to her, she wants to teach you how to do it correctly. Go on, take out your cock. Yes, you can use her panties. That is why you were trying to steal them after all. Wrap them around your dick, yes. Just like that. Now stroke. Stroke your dick for your stepmom. Jerk off to her titties? Pump your prick to her pussy. She stares right at you, coaxing you to stroke harder while she fingers herself. Be a good boy and cum with mommy. Go on, shoot it hard. This JOI lesson given by your stepmom will stay with you for a long time now. (Video duration: 15 min)

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Posted on January 13, 2024

While Daddy's Dreaming

Shay Sights, stunning VR porn MILF model, works hard. She works hard at her job all day to earn a good salary. She works hard at the gym to keep her body toned and tight. She works hard to keep her husband happy. All she asks in return is a little attention and sexual gratification now and then. That doesn't seem to be too much to ask, but her husband is always too tired and Shay has had enough. She has needs and if her man can't fulfill them, she needs to find someone who can. But she really doesn't want a divorce and cheating can be so messy. Lucky for Shay, the answer is right in front of her. Her husband's handsome son is home from college and looking tasty. She knows he is just the sort of stud who can give her the kind of dick she craves. With your dad sleeping on the bed, you watch as she flashes you a view of her firm tits and inviting pussy. You know you probably shouldn't be fucking your dad's wife, but she is so hot and you have always been told to help your stepmother out around the house. In this VR porn taboo episode, she takes your cock out of your jeans and stuffs it into her mouth. As she suspected, you are eager and more than up for the challenge of fucking her the way she needs. Inches away from her sleeping husband, Shay gets so loud that you have to cover her mouth as you pound her from behind. She is glad not to wake her husband, but only because she doesn't want his son to stop fucking her so perfectly. He is so big and lasts so much longer than her husband. When you finally cum she rubs it all over her tits. This will stay their little secret as long as you promise to visit her very often. (Video duration: 39 min)

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Posted on January 05, 2024

Wanda Curtis and Shay Sights Take Turns Riding a Dick for a Cumshot

Kinky bitches Shay Sights and Wanda Curtis love to tease and to please...

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Posted on January 04, 2024

Shay Sights and Wanda Curtis Wearing Latex in FFM Threeway with Anal

Fabulous freaky fetishists in a steamy, greasy engine room. Lots of latex and lots of deep and dirty anal. Featuring Shay Sights and Wanda Curtis.

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Posted on December 30, 2023

Best Feet Cumshot Compilation 2023 Part 1

In celebration of the upcoming Fourth of July, we give you some of the best Love Her Feet cum shots this year so far featuring (in order of appearance) Brittany Andrews, Lucky Bee, Ember Snow, Nikky Thorne & Sarah Sultry, Mina Luxx, Dani Jensen, Asia Vargas, Shay Sights, Octavia Red & Lexi Luna, Nikki Rouge, Nicole Doshi, Marie Berger, Lexi Victoria, Cristy Love, Yorgelis Carrillo (a.k.a. Yorgelis Carillo), Sofi Vega, Nikki Rouge & Emma Rosie, Lili Charmelle, Freya Parker, Cassie Del Isla, Isabella De Laa, Eden Ivy, Kenzie Love, Sumire Mizukawa, Slimthick Vic, Charlotte Sins, Jennie Rose Sins and Clara Trinity! (Video duration: 15:28)

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Posted on December 27, 2023

Shay Sights Gets an Ass to Mouth Facial Cumshot after Having Anal Sex

Shay Sights's succulent big tits are ready to be made a meal of!

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