Posted on November 11, 2019

Doing It For Her Daughter

When Shay Sights learns that her daughter is getting bullied by the neighborhood jerk she decides to take matters into her own hands and pay the bully a visit! Shay marches over to his house but the bully's trashy dad, Keiran Lee, answers the door instead. Keiran's got a mouth on him, and his eyes locked on the sexy angry MILF, who berates him, assuming he's got a big mouth to make up for having a small dick! When Krissy realizes just how wrong she is, she makes a deal with Keiran: she'll fuck him if he tells his son to stay away from her daughter. (Video duration: 34 min)

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Posted on September 02, 2015

When Ryan fucked his teacher Ms. Shay Sights, he had no idea she would become so dick-crazed. He tried to break it off, but she showed up at his parents house to teach him a new lesson: never get between a milf and the cock she craves.

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Posted on September 08, 2013

It's the first time Mick's ever had to call a plumber. Shay Sights is the exact opposite of what he was expecting! The whole time she's fixing his leaky sink, Mick's eyes are locked on the huge tits busting out of her shirt. When the job's done, Mick simply has to figure out a way to get that Milf hottie from the bathroom to the bedroom, so he can lube up his cock and fuck her in the ass.

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Posted on June 18, 2013

Shay Sights' husband is such an asshole. First, he hasn't even wanted to stick it in her tight Milf pussy for the longest time, then he brings some floozy and his friend Bill home. He wants his wife to know she's just a glorified whore, so he tells her to strip down and show off her naked body. That jerk husband may think he's embarrassing her, but Shay knows Bill's about to give her the good dick she's been craving.

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Posted on May 16, 2013

Shay Sights and Ariella Ferrera have been lusting after landscaper Johnny secretly. When he trips and hurts himself, they can both think of a thousand ways to take care of him but every way leads to fucking! Get well soon, Johnny!

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Posted on June 09, 2012

Anthony recently divorced his high school sweetheart and has been having a hard time dealing with it. His neighbor, Shay Sights, has been waiting for this moment and she intends on calming his sadness with her tight pussy.

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Posted on December 17, 2011

Shay Sights is a safety inspector who pays a surprise visit to Johnny's warehouse. She tells him that if she finds three safety violations, she'll shut his enterprise down. Instead of playing fair, she purposefully uses her fuckilicious body to distract the workers, causing Johnny two strikes. Johnny assures her that no matter what she may think, his company is safe. Shay lets him know that if he wants to avoid a third strike, he better give her an awesome orgasm.

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Posted on May 18, 2011

Shay Sights Gets Fucked In This Gallery From Brazzers Network

Shay Sights is a lonely MILF whose husband Reginald is constantly away on business trips. In lieu of spending time with his wife, he sends her packages to make her feel beautiful. Instead, they only make her resentful. One day, she receives a knock at the door from Mick Blue who volunteers his services to her. After an impromptu photoshoot with Mick, Shay sets her sights on Mick's dick.

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Posted on December 24, 2010

Shay Sights Gets Fucked In This Scene From Brazzers Network

The gorgeous milf Shay Sights attack two mowers with a sword. She tought they were intruders, and to make up for her mistake she suck and fuck one of them.

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Posted on December 08, 2010

Busty Milf Shay Sights Fucked By A Mover In This Gallery From Brazzers Network

Sexy Shay Sights has recently divorced and luckily for her, she gets to keep the house. One day she gets woken up by a couple of young movers coming to the house to pick up her ex husband's stuff. She has always been a big fan of younger cocks and wasting no time, she chooses the guy with the biggest cock to give her a good old morning banging.

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